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About The Blog

The Legacy Centre’s Generations Blog is an educational resource and a place for meaningful conversations, addressing the real, sometimes raw questions that occur in the family business enterprise. It exists to advance and to assist family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to build a legacy for future generations.


The blog represents a community of business men and women of different generations, values, and beliefs, but together we share one common thread,


We are a community compelled to connect, grow, and serve family businesses and entrepreneurs.


In support of our mission to connect, grow, and serve family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, The Legacy Centre has placed this blog on the public portion of our site. It is our gift to the family business community at large. We invite you to become part of the conversation. …And we hope you will take us up on that!


Because of the nature of this subject and the emotion surrounding issues of family and business, there may be times when we disagree or we do not get it right the first time. We are human, and conflict is inevitable especially in a family business where there is so much at stake. If and when this occurs, please do not retract from the community. We encourage you to be real. Ask the hard questions, dig deep, explore the ‘why’ and ‘who’ of ‘what’ you are. That’s where we want to take you, and that’s the place we believe that we will see our community come alive.


Our blog posts are categorized along four main categories:


  • First Generation: Topics that relate to first generation family business owners as well as entrepreneurs who want to explore the family business enterprise.
  • Second Generation: Articles that deal with concerns of the second generation family members in the business.
  • Third Generation: Everything related to third generation leaders, younger professionals focused on developing as leaders and finding their place in the family business.
  • Entrepreneurs: Information tailored to the entrepreneur who is interested in building a legacy for future generations

There will be cases where you may be better suited for a category other than your actual generation within the business due to your life stage or other unique qualifiers. Please find your niche. Keep in mind that there are additional searches available to you for exploration in the sidebar.


Finally, if you would like to become a guest blogger, please complete the requests and send them to us for review. We will be in touch shortly. We look forward to conversing, showcasing your contributions, and bringing life and light to family business issues.