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Every summer has... The Blog

Every summer has a story. What if…

Every summer has a story

The magic of summer. An afternoon stroll. Barefoot. Hair down. Breeze across your face. Fresh-cut grass. Flowers in bloom. A nap on the porch. Solitude. In the warm glow of the sunset. It’s about living life to its fullest. Embracing all that could be. Believing that each moment is a gift and that all things are possible in summer.


Every summer has a story. What if…


What if one day you look back on this summer as the turning point of your life? You risked your heart and reputation for a better story, and it completely changed the trajectory of your life and those in your wake for the better.


Starting with the end in mind has powerful implications for the plotline of your life. After all, who writes a story and has no idea where it’s going? As with any good book, your life story should be something worth re-telling. Does your life stand for something? Are you leaving a positive mark on the world? Do you love what you do? These are questions worth asking if you want to leave a legacy for future generations.


Starting with the end in mind calls for vision and action. Moving toward a preferred future not only requires faith to see that it is possible in your mind’s eye but also the will to make it happen. That is the DNA of successful entrepreneurs.


Helen Keller once said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.” Vision is essential to living a fulfilling and rewarding life. But that is not enough. Vision must be put to action.


You must start. You have to write that first word, take that next right step. Put it all on the line.


When you look across the chapters of your life so far, be honest. What story are you telling? Would your story be different, better somehow if you took a different path? Are you using all of your God-given talents? To embrace fully who you are meant to be in this world, you must let go of everything that hinders you and run with steadfast hope toward what the Lord is calling you to do.


Can you feel the possibility of summer calling you?


Start your story.


What if… The best stories are your stories.


Want a better life story? Live it.


The best stories are the ones we tell ourselves anyway.


Again, we ask together, “What if…”


There is somebody out there that needs to challenge your belief of what you think is possible and apply for EntreVision. You know it in your heart. Do not sacrifice your ‘what if’ for ‘what is.’


Your story awaits.


If not EntreVision, what first step do you need to take for a better life story?  ‘What is’ holding you back from ‘what if…?’

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